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Latest News

2019 New Years sales

Nov 27, 2017
Musical instruments for sales and new courses available! Please visit us, we open every day except public holidays! 

Dec 7, 2012
您好,我们是优扬琴行,我们是专业供应日本原产 YAMAHA (雅马哈) ,KAWAI (卡瓦依), DIAPASON (蒂亚帕森) ,VICTOR (胜利) ,APOLLO (阿波罗) ,ATLAS (阿托拉斯) 英昌,三益等。本琴行是专业从事进口二手钢琴销售、钢琴置换、钢琴出租、钢琴培训为一体的专业性琴行,购买钢琴回收钢琴及钢琴价格全部免费咨询!欢迎音乐爱好者,互相交流,共同发展。凡我琴行所售钢琴,第一年免费调律,保修五年,终身服务 。 经营理念:只卖有保障的乐器,售后无忧,拒绝暴利。 优扬琴行始终努力做到更好...

Welcome to our new website!

Jan 29, 2012
Welcome to our new website! We are in midst of updating information for your pleasure viewing.  Pls do visit us from time to time, thank you!  Do not feel hesitate to contact us 04-5517326 or Ms Loh 012-4651221 / 0124577603 if you need further assistance! : )